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Equality Media – Home of Female Voices!
Equality Media is a female-led podcast network, whose mission is to move and lead the narrative for women. We amplify, connect and support female voices and produce smart, diverse and entertaining content for a global audience.

“We can’t talk about the importance of diverse perspectives in driving better stories and
better outcomes and not have men involved in that conversation.”
Vanessa Eichholz

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What We Do


Podcast Advertising

Our podcasters use deep storytelling to share personal and unique testimonials about your product or service with their listeners, including a CTA.

Branded Podcast

We create branded podcast series, from developing innovative concepts to full-service production, distribution, and marketing.

Live Events

We organize events for your brand or product, structured around personalized experiences, podcast live recordings, activations, partnerships, and community building.

International Licensing & IP Sales

We create, license, and adapt original content to make it accessible worldwide in various languages. Additionally, we actively pursue IP sales and acquisitions, offering opportunities to enjoy content in multiple forms (audio, visual, written).

“Podcasts have gained immense popularity as valuable IP. If you have a successful Podcast, there is a strong chance that someone is interested in adapting it into a film or television series.”
Sophie Seifried

There is an unbelievable demand for content around the world.
Most people want to consume content in their first language.
Equality Media works with international partners to adapt and remake local
hits to introduce them to a global audience.

The Founders

Equality Media was created by Sophie Seifried and Vanessa Eichholz in 2020.

Prior to co-founding Equality Media, Sophie grew the film slates of top tier film production companies and distributors, bringing in several Academy Award nominated projects and negotiated over $150M of licensing deals. She currently runs the LA offices and oversees Equality Media’s production slate as well as the international side of the business.

Vanessa is based in Munich and spent years in Social Media Marketing und E-Branding for leading international companies. She currently runs the sales arm and events department of Equality Media.


Because your story matters.

The podcast landscape has a diversity problem.

While half of its audience is female, the vast majority of top-charting shows are still led and run by men.

Equality Media wants to elevate female voices in a challenging world and plant the seeds for a diverse and inclusive audio landscape.

We want to build an inclusive community, connect podcasters and build a platform for international collaboration and global content licensing to elevate female voices worldwide.



“The diversity we need goes way beyond race and gender. We need different beliefs.
We need different cultures. We need different personalities. But we need everything
packaged in a way that people want to press play.”
Sophie Seifried

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